We care for the environment. WayCool’s Environment, Social & Corporate Governance (ESG) team was formed to build solutions that have a perennial impact on the environment and the society. We evaluate all our processes deeply to understand areas where we can make a potential difference in energy consumption.

Achieve Net Energy positive before December 2024 by achieving continuous reduction of energy consumption and continuous increase in production of renewable energy

Achieve Net positive Water before December 2024 by continuous reduction in water consumption and continuous increase in ground recharge.

Carbon Negative before December 2025 by monitoring the consumption of all resources, adopt relevant technologies which will enhance carbon credit.

Achieve continuous reduction in wastage of agricultural produce procured by the company by adopting innovative technologies throughout the supply chain from farm to fork and adopt 3R techniques to ensure that whatever minimum waste generated is converted into compost manure that can be reused by farmers .

Increase the income of rural folks by developing value adding activities in rural area to create more job opportunities especially to the marginalised and disabled sections of society.

Be it air, water, soil or energy, we constantly look at ways and means to be environment friendly. Becoming carbon negative and water positive are one of our key long-term goals, and we have seeded several initiatives in this direction.

Recycling of Crate Washing Water

With multilayer filtration system and chemical dosing, water used for washing crates is cleared of pathogens and other dirt, making them reusable for 4 days.

3.24 lakh

Liters of Water Saved annually

120 kg

CO2 emission reduction annually

Harvesting Crate Wash Water

We constructed a harvesting pit to filter the sludge coming from the discharge of crate wash and hand wash water. With lesser load on the septic tank, we were able to reduce the frequency of sewage clearance trips from seven times a month to four. While this enabled some cost savings, the larger benefit was reduction of carbon emissions from the sewerage clearance vehicle. This was over and above the recharge of ground water.

3.24 lakh

Liters of Ground water replenished annually


Recuction in Sewage clearance trips

Employing Electric Vehicle for Outbound Delivery

We have been experimenting with the use of Electric Vehicles for our outbound deliveries, and we have been able to consistently conserve around 1800 litres of diesel per annum compared to an IC engine vehicle.

This not only helps us reduce the usage of fossil fuel, but also helps us reduce the GHG emission leading to CO2 reduction.

1800 liters

Diesel conserved annually

468 tonnes

CO2 emission reduction annually

Energy Audit & Saving Measure

At our Corporate office, we replaced CFL lights with LED lights, resulting in lower electricity consumption. The extended life of the LED fittings led to the added benefit of lower replacement cost.

Motion sensors were installed in meeting rooms and all closed cabins to switch off the lights automatically when the rooms are not in use, leading to lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emission.

3.6 tonnes

Reduction in C02 emissions annually

3852 kwh

Electricity Saved

The best possible manner to reduce carbon footprint is to grow more green cover. WayCool has taken up this initiative of greening all its facilities as much as possible. Our offices have rooftop gardens that provide much needed shade for the staff during lunch. Plans are afoot to grow herbs, exotics and vegetables at our distribution centers, which when harvested will provide us a perennial supply of fresh produce.