WayCool works with a base of 50,000 famers. Of these, nearly 1,220 small and marginal farmers partner with us on our agricultural extension program, Outgrow.

The Outgrow team engages with farmers through the entire cultivation cycle, from planning to inputs to harvesting. We use a host of emerging technologies to measure soil health, quality of inputs and yield strength, thereby reducing the risk for farmers.




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Outgrow's initiatives help farmers across the Seed to Sale process. Leveraging the technical expertise and advisory actions from mentors, farmers can not only increase their produce but also boost their sale. Few of the steps in the Outgrow program are mentioned below.

Soil Health Check

Testing soil health is the fundamental step to addressing the nutritional inadequacies in the soil, and helps rationalize fertilizer use. This improves soil health, increases yields, and promotes sustainable farming.

Our conversations with farmers start with soil health, educating them on the benefits of soil testing.

Seeds & Inputs Advisory

From soil testing, we understand nutritional inadequacies in the soil.

Based on this understanding, we advise farmers and FPOs on the kind of inputs required for optimal yield in their farms, and also connect them with the seed suppliers to help source right.

Cultivation Planning

With no access to information, the farmer is generally dependent on the vagaries of nature, middlemen or neighbouring farmers to decide what to grow on his land.

Our agronomists work closely with the farmers to understand their current cultivation pattern, restructure their cultivation mix, and help create opportunities for continuous supply throughout the year.


With advanced demand forecasting tools, we are able to help farmers liquidate their produce completely.

WayCool enters into contracts with farmers to grow produce that is delivered to a Collection Center very near to the farms.This ensures that the farmer has very low or no transportation cost and lowers wastage.

Market Access

With access to 11,000+ outlets across 134 towns, we are able to provide a wide reach to the farmer's produce.

During the COVID-19 crisis, we have also directly reached out to farmers in need to pickup material right from their farms and move them to different markets for liquidation.

Read about our efforts to help farmers who reached out to us during COVID-19

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Agriculture wasn't a profitable venture in the past. I used to make huge losses. WayCool assures payment within 7 days for whatever we grow. They helped me get seeds, fertilizer, Agri consultancy, market information, and prices.

Hari Prasad J
WayCool Farmer

With WayCool procuring 100% of my produce, I no longer depend on the local market, where price offered as well as quantity purchased fluctuates. WayCool guarantees 100% procurement of all my produce under Outgrow program.

Farmer from Rasipuram

They undertook soil testing and gave inputs on nutrient level. Basis this advice, I changed my used of fertilizer and it benefitted me a lot. I now have lower fertilizer cost over earlier and this has led to lower cost and higher income.

Vijay Sutar
Farmer from Pune

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Work With the Future of India’s Food Supply Chain

A force multiplier for the farmers, deploying custom-made technology and apps that helps us engage effectively with farmers.

My Soil

Helps small and marginal farmers with soil health and nutrient management

Farm ERP

Planning of sowing and harvesting in line with demands of WayCool customers

My Price

A Farmer portal (mobile application) for bidding on price and quantity against demand